Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

Can you imagine being a contractor? You start you morning by picking up supplies at the local building store. You drop off those supplies at one job site, and then you drive to another job site where you spend four hours mudding drywall. As that dries, you make calls to some of your suppliers, and then you meet with a client about a new job across town. As evening rolls in, you drive back to the other construction site and sand down some of that drywall. If this sound like a fun day to you, then you've stumbled on the right blog! This is a blog about construction, and you'll fit right in.


Reasons to Consider Single Family Home Investment Properties

A common form of real estate is property management. You can start a profitable business by purchasing homes for sale and managing them as rental properties. In some cases, you may perform a flip on the house. This refers to purchasing a home that needs repairs, making those repairs and upgrades, then selling or renting the property for profit. One of the home types that you may overlook is single-family homes for sale. Read More 

Can You Install Snow Guards Over Asphalt Shingles?

The winter provides unbeatable seasonal beauty, especially if you live in an area with regular snowfall. But when snow builds up on a roof, it can weigh anywhere from 7 to 20 lbs per cubic foot of snow depending on density and depth. All that weight can cause a lot of damage. If you own an asphalt shingle roof and are worried about snowpack avalanches, snow guards are available that work well with this residential roofing material. Read More 

Working With Professional Riggers To Ensure Safety When Making A Heavy Lift

Rigging solutions are a vital part of any crane hoist or lift. The crane operator is busy inside the cab, ensuring that things go smoothly. Having a rigger outside that can direct the load and oversee securing the load is essential. Critical Rigging For a large item that needs lifting on a job site or a commercial project, hiring a crane service to handle the task is a good starting point. Read More 

Working With A Contractor For Your Next Home Remodel

There is a lot that goes into the home remodeling process. Unfortunately, most people don't know exactly where to start when they decide they want to improve their living space. Therefore, working with a contractor is important, but there are some things that you need to know. The following guide will help you work with your contractor for your next remodeling project. Define Your Goals First, you need to define what you want to be done and how much money you have to spend doing it. Read More 

3 Common Types Of Masonry Damage

Bricks have been a popular construction material for many years. Modern bricks are designed to be durable and strong, but even the best brick can sustain some damage over time. It's important that you are able to identify some of the more common types of masonry damage that could affect your brickwork so that you can invest in professional repairs as quickly as possible. 1. Spalling Discovering that your bricks are breaking free from the wall against which they were installed can be devastating. Read More