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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

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2 Reasons Installing Quality Gutters Is Essential For Newly Constructed Homes

When you are having a new home built for you and your family, you are faced with a lot of decisions. There are so many details involved in the planning process, both minor and major. One of the decisions that you will be faced with is the type of gutters you want to be installed on your home.

Because the gutters are installed on the exterior of your house, you may be thinking that you can go with a gutter system that has a lower cost than others. However, before making your selection, consider the reasons below why you should make sure your new home has a quality gutter system in place.

1. Keeps Water from Pouring down on the Newly Installed Siding

One reason why you want to make sure that you choose quality gutters for your home is that they help keep the water from pouring down on the newly installed siding. If you decide on a lower-quality system, they may bend under the strain of heavy rainfall.

When placed under this strain, the sides would become permanently distorted, allowing even more water to pour onto the siding and create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth. When picking out a system, make sure that the gutters are made from sturdy materials.

2. Prevents Erosion of the Loose Soil Around the New House's Foundation

Another reason why you want to be careful when selecting your newly built home's gutters is that low-quality systems can lead to soil erosion around the house. If the pitch is not maintained or the gutters constantly overflow, the loose soil will wash away.

When the soil is washed away, the foundation of the house becomes exposed. This exposure not only leads to erosion of the foundation but also increases the chances of having water leak into the basement. Higher-quality gutters are strong enough to hold the pitch required to divert the water toward the drain spouts and then away from the foundation. 

When you are having your new home built, the one thing that you do not want to cut corners on is the gutter system. This essential system keeps rainwater from pouring onto the newly installed siding. It also helps prevent erosion of the loose soil around the house as well as helps keep the water from damaging the foundation. Speak with a contractor who installs gutters to learn more about your options when choosing a system for your new house.

For more information on gutters, contact a professional near you.