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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

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Great Advice When Renting a Crash Truck for Busy Construction Sites

One of the more influential machines around a construction site is a crash truck (attenuator truck). It's supposed to absorb impact from vehicles that accidentally drive too close to construction sites. If you plan on renting one, you'll find these tips helpful. 

Review Safety Mechanisms First

Crash trucks will have different safety mechanisms that will make your construction site much safer overall, but before actually renting one of these trucks out, it helps to review these mechanisms carefully. They can vary from truck to truck so performing a thorough analysis will ensure you get a crash truck that's relevant to your construction site and its layout. Also, reviewing these mechanisms will help you and your construction staff familiarize yourself with how to use them. Then when the truck arrives, an operator can set it up without any trouble.

Ensure Truck Is Well Lit

There may be some work situations that require you to work late at night around a construction site. It's key to account for the darkness by getting a crash truck that is well lit. These lights will help improve the safety around your construction site because people driving around the area will clearly see this large construction vehicle set up. That does a lot of good in ensuring people stay clear of the area where you and other construction workers may be. The crash truck's lights need to be bright and potentially have a strobe effect. Then people driving near the construction area can keep a safe distance. 

Assess Relevant Speeds of Passing Vehicles

Before renting a crash truck that has an appropriate impact-absorbing feature in the back (attenuator), you need to take into account the speed of the vehicles that will be near the construction area that you're working around. That should be pretty easy because you can just see what the speed limit is in the area. Then you can get a crash truck that supports these speeds. That's the best way to ensure this crash truck becomes a life-saving instrument if there are ever vehicles that hit the truck where your construction site is. 

Construction sites that receive a lot of traffic from other vehicles need all the protection they can get. If you're working around one of these sites temporarily, renting out a crash truck is the best way you can account for the possibility of vehicles coming near the area at pretty fast speeds. Learn more by reaching out to crash truck rental companies.