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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

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Well Water System Designs to Remove Contamination and Maintain Pressure

If you need to have a well system installed, there are several things to consider about your equipment. You will need to choose the right well system, depending on your needs. There are also filtration and purification systems that may need to be added to the design of your system. The following well water system installation information will give you the right solutions for your project.

Types of Well Pumps

The type of pump you install is important. They can be submersible or above-ground pumps depending on the needs of your well. If you are using a shallow well, an above-ground jet-style pump may be the best solution to draw water from the well. If you are worried about the weather damaging your well systems, a submersible pump could be better. The other equipment installed with a submersible pump can be protected by a well house or be kept inside a structure like your home or a garage.

Water Purification for Wells

The water from your well may need to be filtered. The water filtration system may be something as simple as a softener that removes mineral particles from the water. There are also options for charcoal filters that remove smaller particles from the water. If there are serious contamination issues, you will need to install a complete water purification system.

Pressure Switch Systems

Another issue that you will need to deal with when installing a well system is water pressure. The first component of these systems is the pressure tank. It is a tank with a valve inside of it, which causes the switch to be triggered when the water is being drawn from the casing. The switch is another important component of the well system, as it controls the pump's power whenever the pressure tank triggers it.

Power Backup for Well Systems

The equipment you have installed is also going to need to be powered by electrical installations. There are several options to consider for powering your well equipment. This might be solar panel installations that power the pump and other equipment. If your well system is hardwired to electrical services, you will need to have a backup power solution. The backup for your well systems can be a UPS power supply system, generators, or backup solar panels with battery storage.

A well system will need to have all the right equipment installed. Contact a well water systems service like Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning for help with the design and installation of these systems for your home.