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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

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How To Choose A Siding Color That Will Make Your Home Look Great

When you are choosing the color of your siding, you might be tempted to choose a color that is considered to be trendy. However, the color of your siding will have a large impact on how your home looks, and you may end up regretting a color that is no longer considered trendy years later.

Decide Whether You Want a Warming or Calming Home

One thing you should consider is whether you would prefer warm colors or cool colors. Siding with warm colors will make you feel energized, while siding that has cool colors will help you feel more relaxed. Warm colors are often a good option for those who often entertain guests at parties. 

The overall appearance of your home is a bigger decision when you are choosing the color of the siding for a new home. However, if you are updating an existing siding, you will want to choose a siding profile that is similar to your home's existing features.

Consider Your Neighbors

Even if you have a great idea for the color of your siding, you will not want to clash with the other homes in your neighborhood. There is also nothing wrong with consulting with your neighbors about what you plan to do with your home to see what they think. While it is ultimately your decision, you may also want your neighbors to have a say.

If your neighborhood already had an eclectic style, you will want to consider choosing a broad range of colors so that your home also pops out among your neighbors. 

Ask for a Siding Sample

Oftentimes, you may find it difficult to visualize how a certain color will fit with your home. In this case, you will need to request a siding sample so you can compare it side-by-side with your home to make sure that the color will fit. For example, a dark color might look great until it is installed on a large home and might make your home seem gloomy.

Consider the Unique Characteristics of Your Home

If you have a colonial home, you will typically want to choose a single dominant and classic color that will make up a large portion of your home's siding. However, you must also choose a siding color that matches the color of your roof because the roof is one of the largest areas of your home. If you're not sure which color to choose, a siding contractor may be able to help.

For more information about vinyl siding, contact a local contractor.