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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

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Fire Safety For Restaurant Owners: Why A Fire Extinguisher Is Needed

Millions of restaurants exist in the United States. With so many people working around a fire and high heat, having a fire extinguisher inside the building is a very sensible decision. A fire extinguisher helps with putting out small fires before they get worse and spread. Anyone who has ever experienced a fire firsthand would know that a fire can grow and spread within minutes, causing a lot of destruction while putting many lives at risk. Due to the dangers, restaurant owners should take as many safety measures as possible to protect their employees and patrons.

What Does the Fire Extinguisher Do?

The fire extinguisher works in a pinch when a small fire develops. It has a pin attached to it that keeps it sealed closed. However, if a fire is happening, the person holding the extinguisher would need to quickly remove the pin before pointing the extinguisher in the direction of the fire and pressing down on the lever. When someone pulls the lever, a chemical solution gets expelled from the fire extinguisher and helps put out the fire. The person who uses the device should not stop spraying until they can tell that the flames are no longer there. In less than one minute, a small fire with the ability to rapidly spread and turn fatal could be put to a stop.

Which Fire Extinguisher is Best to Use?

Fire extinguishers may typically look similar to one another, but they are not all the same. Some contain different solutions than others. There are options containing dry powder to help cover the fire and cause it to burn out. There are also fire extinguishers that contain a wet chemical that quickly diminishes the size of the fire to control the flames and keep the fire from growing any larger. While each option has its advantages, restaurant owners can decide on the fire extinguishers they would like to use. As soon as they select the type, they can purchase several fire extinguishers and install them throughout the building, including in the kitchen where meals get prepared and in the dining area where guests will eat their food.

A fire extinguisher is a staple in all restaurants. Placing multiple fire extinguishers inside the building is the ideal way to take additional measures to create a safer environment for everyone. If a small fire starts in the kitchen, someone in the back can grab a fire extinguisher and quickly use it to keep the situation under control.