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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

Can you imagine being a contractor? You start you morning by picking up supplies at the local building store. You drop off those supplies at one job site, and then you drive to another job site where you spend four hours mudding drywall. As that dries, you make calls to some of your suppliers, and then you meet with a client about a new job across town. As evening rolls in, you drive back to the other construction site and sand down some of that drywall. If this sound like a fun day to you, then you've stumbled on the right blog! This is a blog about construction, and you'll fit right in.


Three Of Your Concrete Patio Questions

A concrete patio can be a useful addition to your home as it will allow your family members to be comfortable while they spend time outdoors. When having one of these patios installed or having work done to it, there are some basic pieces of information that you may need to understand.

Can You Have An Existing Concrete Patio Enlarged?

If your home currently has a concrete patio, you may want to invest in having it expanded. This can greatly increase the amount of space that is available to you and your family. Luckily, it is possible to expand your current patio space without having to completely replace it. When this is done, a common approach will be to fill in an adjacent area with concrete and then to apply a thin layer of concrete over the entire patio so that any gaps will be eliminated.

Why Do You Need To Wait To Use The Patio After It Has Hardened?

After the patio has been poured, it will likely harden relatively quickly. However, you will still need to wait sometime before you start using the patio to its fullest capacity. This is needed so that the concrete will be able to cure correctly. When concrete cures incorrectly, it can be more prone to cracking, which could ruin the structural stability of the concrete. The entire curing process can take several weeks to complete, and you will want to avoid placing heavy furniture or other items on the patio as this could stress it enough to crack the concrete. For those that are wanting the patio ready for a specific time of the year, it can be important to start at least several weeks earlier so that there will be enough time for the concrete to fully cure.

How Difficult Is It to Repair Alligator Cracks In The Concrete Patio?

Alligator cracking is one of the types of damage that can be extremely serious. This problem will essentially be a network of cracks that are spreading across the surface of the concrete. While this is a major issue, it can be possible to avoid a complete replacement of the concrete. This is possible by having the concrete pavement resurfaced. During a concrete resurfacing project, the top layer will be removed so that a fresh layer of concrete can be added. This will eliminate these cracks so that the appearance and integrity of the concrete surface without needing a full replacement.