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Construction and Contractors: All in a Day's Work

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Problems With Foundations And Unsightly Damage To Exterior Finishes

There are problems with your foundation that can cause serious structural damage to your home. Sometimes, this damage can also affect the aesthetics and damage exterior finishes that will also need to be repaired. Before you can fix finishes, though, the foundation damage is going to need to be repaired. The following foundation damage information will help you decide on the repairs that are needed before fixing the finishes:

Evaluate Exterior Finish Damage

The best way to identify problems with your foundation is to look for the signs in exterior finishes. Sometimes, issues can be caused by other problems like storm damage, but the issues with foundations can also be visible. If you notice problems with uneven materials, cracking, and molding becoming out of square, these could be signs that there is a serious problem with your foundation that needs to be repaired.

Identify Foundation Issues Causing Damage

Next, you need to fix the damage is to identify the foundation damage and causes that need to be addressed. Causes of foundation damage include:

  • Uneven settling in soft soils
  • Inadequate foundation support (footing beams)
  • Issues with drainage and static water pressure causing cracks

These are issues that may be causing damage to your foundation. It is important to have a repair professional do the inspection and recommend the best repair solutions to correct these issues.

Discuss Solutions to Repair the Foundation Damage

There may be problems with the foundation that needs to be repaired. Therefore, you are going to need to discuss different repair options with your contractor. Different techniques to repair damage to foundations include:

  • Erosion control too stabilize soils that support the foundation
  • Pier jacking to correct settling and support structural point-loads
  • Foundation crack repairs and waterproofing upgrades to stop cracking
  • Footing beam upgrades that support loads down to the foundation

These repair techniques can be used to address the many different issues that may be causing structural problems with your home.

Renovating Exterior Finishes to Complete the Foundation Repairs

The process of repairing the foundation will end with renovations to the exterior finishes that were damaged. This is where you will want to invest in quality materials and professional repairs to prevent issues with aesthetic damage from returning. You may also want to improve the exterior finishes with solutions that help prevent damage when there is a problem with the foundation and settling.

The repairs to your foundation are important if your exterior finishes need to be repaired. Call concrete foundation services for help with repairs to your home's exterior and foundation to end structural and aesthetic issues affecting your home.