The Real Estate Education Group™

is group of real estate professionals that have come together to prepare others for investing in the real estate industry. We know that it can be difficult to get started on your own. We are here to train, encourage and drive you forward so you can fulfill your dreams and have success in your life.

Getting involved in real estate is an excellent way to get on the road to quitting your 9-5 job, securing your future or even providing a little extra cash every month for your family.  It has been said that the secret to financial security is having multiple sources of income.  Real estate can be that extra money each month that helps you go on a dream vacation, puts your kids through college or pays off your debt.

Whatever your reasoning or desire to invest in real estate is, we will provide you with the training you need that will enable you to see it through.  Your goals are important to us.  We can help get you started on the right path.

The real estate industry can be hard and confusing to learn at times.  Laws can change from state to state, trends vary from year to year and the fluctuating economy impacts nearly all real estate investments.  With all of these outside influences, it’s no wonder people turn to the leaders in the real estate industry to see how they did it.

Many of our students have become just that, leaders.  Our training curriculum is focused on the student and what they need to be successful.  We want to see you become leaders in the real estate industry and be successful in your investments.

In order to help our students achieve their dreams we developed a state of the art curriculum that helps you learn most everything you need to know about real estate; we go from the basics such as, what is bird dogging, to more complicated concepts such as financing.

Our curriculum is broken down into two main categories: online courses and over the phone training from our experienced trainers.  The online courses provide information, assessment quizzes, ways to get started and worksheets to do.  Our trainers are ready to take on any questions or concerns you might have.  They can clarify misconceptions, get you started in the right direction and even be there when you just need a boost to keep going.

Getting involved in the real estate industry is not easy money.  It takes hard work and dedication on your part and top of the line training materials and knowledge on our part.  You have to be willing to push yourself and to take risks.  As with any investment, there is that hint of the unknown, the risk that you have to take.  But we will prepare you with excellent training and up to date knowledge that will help you make informed and educated decisions.

Everyone’s situation in life is different.  If you have come to the decision that investing in real estate is the way for you to go, then don’t wait, get started now.  Take advantage of our tried and proven methods and our phenomenal trainers.  Each step you take now is one step closer to achieving your dreams.